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Helping the youth of Malawi through education


Mzipa Liberty is an organisation dedicated to helping young people in Malawi through education. Clement and Olive Chunga are Malawians who now live in Northampton. On regular trips back to their own country Clement and Olive  realized that they could help the local young people and community by providing education to those who have not had the opportunity to  complete their education, and therefore have been unable to change their circumstances of living in poverty. 

The school was first considered by Clement and Olive in 2014. They are both originally from the Embangweni area and now work in education in the UK.  On their regular trips back to Malawi Clement and Olive used to take bags of clothes and other items for family and friends but wanted to leave something permanent behind that would benefit the whole community.  That is why they decided to build the Mzipa Liberty Institute of Technology. Until 2015 all of the funding for the project buildings, wages and resources,  has been privided from Clement and Olive but the school is now  operational and more funds are needed to sustain the project. 

In Malawi only 20% of teenagers either qualify for state education or can afford private education so, after finishing primary school many young people enter into adulthood with no skills or formal secondary education therefore limiting their opportunities for paid work.  This project aims to give teenagers skills in agriculture, mechanics, carpentry and more to give young people the skills they need to get jobs or start their own businesses.

With your help we can help give a formal education to motivated young people ,  which will change their lives and will have a positive and massive impact on the local community.

So far two buildings have been  completed and we have 40 students in attendance. The chariable organisation has 6 teachers and a head teacher who are funded through sponsorship. 

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